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C(oncious). E(go). O(wnership)

It's time to PLAY a different game and own your conscious ego

Presented by Riri Starseed and twin frequency PLAYana

What happens when a twin frequency creates something for humanity? Exactly, double the playtime; double the frequency; double the growth; double the EVERYTHING!

This is how you create overflow, by surrendering to TRUST and play with that what is unfolding infront of you!

C.onscious E.go O.wnership

When an oracle card from the SACRED REBELS ORACLE created by Alaina Fairchild is written by our soul about this program, you only have to surrender and share it's message.


"A tremendous force of light is gathering around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows, so does the light. As the light grows, so does your intention. Magic wants to happen for you now! The synchronicity, perfect timing, opportunities and information that are needed will seem to be drawn right to your door. You may start to feel as if you cannot walk outside without stumbling ino something helpful, wonderful and inspiring.

You might be startled as this interplay of light with your heart evokes many new successes and attracts an abundance of opportunities your way. You may need to adjust as the field of light grows stronger and its effect becomes more palpable. It may bring rather dramatic improvements into your world. You may be uncomfortable or feel out of your depth with these changes. This would be understandable, but it would be a shame for you to hold on to that resistance for anything more than a brief moment. Any resistance or fear will inhibit the continuing free flow of the ligth so that it can manifest its beauty through you, in the physical world, where it is needed. 

It is best to stay focused on your pure heart an intentions. Just allow all else to happen of its own accord, withouth making it mean anything to personal. Simply let it be the workings of the great light of love, flowing through a pure heart and touching the world. Even if the light that is drawn to you and flows through you has some dazzling effects, you don't have to get caught up in it. Doing so might start you worrying that you are unworthy or that you are unable to keep up. This worry will constrict possibilities rather than allowing the free flow of the light. You have permission simply to be appreciative of the light and to enjoy it as you continue to focus on what really matters - the pure intention of your heart and your desire to create".

~ read more  - card 37 Focus on the light from the oracle deck SACRED REBELS ORACLE created by Alaina Fairchild ~


We welcome you into our safe haven and garden of Eden.

Every month we open a portal of pure pleasure and fun, experiencing a dance of polarity and contradictions.

We invite you to come and play with us, during these adult play-date temples. 

Each dance & temple embodies a different c.e.o. themed frequency.

A field that asks for attention in that moment collectively & individually.

By allowing yourself to play with yourself and with others, without judgment and with full ownership. You'll receive an enormous strength needed for this world.


Two seasons a year you can ENTER the master game!

An activation game for life changing events.

 12 weeks we dive deep into different archetypes to unlock from you subconscious mind and let them CREATE a new game.

This one is all about learning how to 'flip the coin' in life.

This one is for those who are ready to deeply understand that there is no spoon (reference to the matrix movie).


If you rather play these kinds of games, abroad, during a nice sun bath?

Then you are going to love our yearly playcation!

5-7 days

pure abundance, joy & deep transformation

Follow our Instagram account to be receive the first updates.


What's your flavor?

You see, we love playing different kind of games and shift gears from time to time.

It's up to you which flavor you prefer? And if you can't choose or just KNOW the merge between all these offers is next level!

We have an exclusive offer for you!

A one year journey with both of us AND all of this is included. Plus as a BONUS you'll be receiving our private support and calls during that whole year!

Honestly this is a crazy offer and should be considered seriously. :-)

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