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ISA experience: henna ritual

  • 2 uur
  • 222 euro
  • Together we decide where is most aligned

Beschrijving van de dienst

☀️ Summer is the ideal season for this beautiful henna ritual. A two hour ceremony, to anker some high frequency codes in your energetic and physical body. 💫 What to expect? . We start with a beautiful intention ceremony and energetic clearing. . Henna ritual: Together we get clear on your intention, body part and size of your henna tattoo. The tattoo is 100% natural and stays about 14 days visible on your body. The first days is light orange, getting darker towards a darker brown and then slowly fade again. . We end the ceremony with an affirmation for you to anker it even more when you are home again. 🙌This is for you, ... when you are ready to receive an energetic clearing in summer energy. ... you would love to work with me in a fun and quick way. ... if you like tattoos but don't feel like getting a permanent one yourself and/or wish to try out. ... you love tattoos and love how this ritual is helping you to step into a new cycle. ... so much more, but don't want to bore you. Hihi. Normally I would ask about +-€400 for a ceremony like this. As it is a very powerful container to work in. Yet, as I am currently moving in a new cycle myself (moving and divorce), I felt like offering this ritual for a unique chance in summer abundance energy. For only €222 incl. vat (to cover all the earthly costs) I am offering this ritual to you. P.s. this is without travelling costs €0,30/km. Together we decide where the ceremony will take place. Why do I share this here? Simply, because I believe in authentic leadership and ownership. I do not believe in sleeky sales tactics (never did, never will). When you feel like booking this session, just choose the first date through the calendar for an intake call. Together we feel in on the intention, date and location. This ritual has been used for over many many years, within many cultures. Added with some new earth frequency and love.


Looiweg, Rijkevorsel, België

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