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The C.E.O.  Gamemakers presents:

a online master game experience.


It's time to PLAY a different game and own your conscious ego.


  • Are you ready to break through all familiar conditions and play the game you’ll make on the deepest level within you?
  • Are you ready to move outside the plan and throw all your fixed ideas away?
  • If you are ready to shake things up on the highest level and incorporate all the mysteries and magic with your conscious AND ego, then is this your call to play and trust.


Right now you're standing on the edge in between two choices ; go with the mainstream follow your money blocks, old belief system and put some extra stuck ingredient in the recipe for the world of boredom and not living your fullest potential or….. choose and trust the adventure and let your game unfold beyond every expectations.


This is our very unique DIY (do it yourself) GAME, playing with the archetypes of our very first edition of the master game.

  • have you ever experienced your inner dramaqueen / king taking over, creating procastination within your path of consciousness? Feeling a victim of curcumstances or just feeling sorry for yourself?
  • what about your wild bitch, that will lash out to be heard? Feeling rebelious in a way that makes others uncomfortable? 
  • do you ever feel like you never wish to grow up? Your immature self ignoring all tasks that are part of stepping into your fullest potential?
  • are you feeling bored by society's vision of seduction? Feeling shame to own up to your true sensual energy? The seductive judging how you should move and act?
  • do you feel unbalanced? Have you ever heared to either ground more or open yourself more for all energetics? Do you feel you are the embodied expert of your life?


This program is for you if you like to FLIP THE COIN and start owning your inner archetypes! Driven by the idea of creating a mindset that will always work in your favour! 


After 10 weeks playing in this collective game-field , where you can be your own creator, you have the ability to lead an authentic , unique life and be the first visionair that truly reflects on what nobody had the courage to do before.
You're able to live and lead from your heart. You are the Conscious and the Ego, you claim your unique Ownership.
Are you ready to become the C.E.O. of your life!


Within our online experience version, we offer you:

  • an online portal for you to play with all the archetypes mentioned above
  • within this portal you will find:
    • playguides, so you can discover YOUR inner truth connected to each archetype. To integrate and anker everything we have created a safe play field for you to share your processes with all those who have played this game before.
    • video's, for you to tap into the archetype energy and discover what it can mean for you.
    • activation meditations, filled with high frequency energies and lightlanguage transmissions. Each one will be lifting up your energy in a way you won't expect. 
    • additional 2 on 1 exclusive guidance from the both of us through app. During your whole 10 week experience, you have 2 playfull guides at your service. Because you will discover some mirrors that you would like to ignore or wish to dig to deep maybe. This is when we come in and guide you in a way that it may still be PLAYFULL. To transform in a light way. 


Energy exchange:

For this lifetransforming program, we tuned in on the number frequency game and will ask €638,- (incl. tax) for this unique opportunity. 


p.s. we also have a DIY version for you, where you will go through this whole experience with you, yourself and your higher self. Check out our high frequency shop to learn more. 

ONLINE master game experience

638,00 €Prijs
excl. Btw
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