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The C.E.O.  Gamemakers presents:

a FREE teaser class ~ become the c.e.o. of your life.


It's time to PLAY a different game and own your conscious ego.


In this TEASER class we open the portal of our game called: CONSCIOUS EGO OWNERSHIP and give you a first tast of our flip the coin method.


This teaser class gives you:

  • a short introduction of who we are and what our mission is 
  • a portal towards a new earth perspective and the first steps towards your becoming the c.e.o. of your own life! You will get an activation!! 
  • a magical teaser meditation to welcome some of your archetypes into your consciousness.
  • an in the moment example of what can happen when you open a certain field and activate a certain archetype (in this example the immature c.e.o.). Plus how it can be transformed in gentle way, by the support of another archetype reclaiming the power.
  • an vulnerable in the moment 'problem' of one of the live participants and a real live example of our FLIP THE COIN METHOD. 
  • a pure sharing of one of our loyal clients, who was part of our next edition. To give you an honest review in the moment. 
  • at the end we will be sharing about our next edition and obviously welcome you to join this game we totally love! 


This program is for you if you like to FLIP THE COIN and start owning your inner archetypes! Driven by the idea of creating a mindset that will always work in your favour! 


After purchasing this FREE offer, we will send you an email with a pdf format for you to explore and the opportunities we describe during the teaser class. We believe in ownership and no longer believe in supperficial psychological games, to trap you into buying something that's not for your highest good.


So, we welcome you to feel in and OWN our energy! ;-) 

Free teaser class: become the c.e.o. of your life!

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