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ma 17 jun




Come and discover the Ancient wisdoms off Atlantis & Lemuria, during this magical playcation (vacation, retreat, fun, and more).

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Tijd en locatie

17 jun 2024, 13:00 – 21 jun 2024, 10:00

Zakynthos, Zakynthos, Griekenland

Over het evenement

THE STARSEED C(onscious). E(go). O(wnership).

Lemuria & Atlantis frequency 

If you like more information? We haven created a beautiful pdf for you. Just send us an email or DM and we will send it to you. 

Our playcations are based on different C.E.O. archetypes. for this Playcation: the C.E.O. Starseed. Why?

First what is standing C.E.O. for?

Conscious Ego Ownership

As a (future) C.E.O. you are going to face many different adventures, adventures that will challenge you to step into a power you have always been waiting for.

We are creating for you a safe place where you can look into that mirror, step into that power, released from all self judgement and fear of what others will think of you.

No more searching for shadows, instead transforming them into true and wise advisors. We are calling this the: Flip the Coin method.

To grow into a High Frequency consciousness, it's important to understand the non-dual playfield and the game of unity consciousness.

These are all things we will be sharing with you. So you can finally step into your full potential and OWN your C.E.O. position in this world, in your life!

Let history, nature, and self-discovery upgrade your life in the most extraordinary way. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to return home as a transformed individual, armed with the tools for a brighter future.

We are working with encoded transmissions with activation encryptions that will allow you to unlock and recieve this wisdom and talent at a specific point in time so it may be utilized for a higher divine purpose.

We invite all conscious and unconscious Starseeds to receive the downloads and activations waiting for you!


Four nights luxury accommodation in a private Villa located in a beautiful quiet area 3,9 km from Zakynthos International Airport.

2 formulas:


As a star you'll revel in abundance to the fullest. You won't have to worry about a thing.

  • All meals, drinks and snacks at the Villa. 
  • Private or shared luxe bedroom, to stay in your own energy and replenish your soul.
  • Opening & closing ceremony
  • Atlantis/Lemuria full day Excursion 
  • Ancient Wisdom trip 
  • Lightcodes activitations 
  • Sacred Starseed portal transmission
  • Inner medicine journey
  • Gifts
  • The double pleasure frequency from Riri&PlaYana as your personal guides. 
  • Preparation process 2 weeks before.
  • Integration call 2 -3 weeks after. 


As a co-creator, you'll actively shape some activities for the playcation. This means you'll have the opportunity for example to organize workshops or ceremonies for your fellow stars. Eg. prepare a star dinner, make shimmering photo's, - or whatever allows your light to shine the brightest. The co-star program will follow after we close our star booking. 

  • 4 nights in the palace. 
  • Shared luxe bedroom, to elevate your frequency.
  • Opening & closing ceremony
  • Atlantis/Lemuria full day Excursion
  • Lightcodes activitations 
  • The double pleasure frequency from Riri&PlaYana as your personal guides. 
  • Preparation process 2 weeks before.
  • Integration call 2 - 3 weeks after. 

Life-changing experience guaranteed


  • STAR

    This is an quantum leap ticket

    € 3.578,00
    Verkoop geëindigd op
  • Co-star

    As a co-creator you can join this marvelous experience, by owning your own light and share it!

    € 1.989,00
    Verkoop geëindigd op
  • Play plan

    If you like to pay in 3, 4 or 5 months. You can reserve your personal payment plan here.

    € 750,00
    +€ 18,75 servicekosten
    Verkoop geëindigd op


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