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zo 06 aug



ISA Exclusive Experience - Elaisa edition

Why blend in, when you where born to stand out like a peacock?

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ISA Exclusive Experience - Elaisa edition
ISA Exclusive Experience - Elaisa edition

Tijd en locatie

06 aug 2023, 10:00 – 20:00

Dilsen-Stokkem, Nationaal Parklaan 7, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem, België

Over het evenement

This experience will be facilitated in Dutch or English.

ISA = Inner Source Abundance, a pure remembrance off all that is already inside yourself.

This 1 day experience is for those woman who feel the call to lead (either in your job or as a mother, all kind off leaders are welcome).

As a leader, the importance of selflove becomes even bigger, to ensure your capabilty to carry others as well, into the light within this world.

The same goes for surrounding yourself with souls who experience a similar frequency, so you are able to uplift each other in your task ahead.

This day is a very exclusive day, where you'll receive a true frequency boost.

We consciously choose to work with a small group, so we can guarantee quality dept processes within your personal journey. It's your turn to be seen within YOUR story. No fighting for time, because your time is sacred.

Who will be your facilitator?

Riri Starseed will be your Spirit Guide in human form during this special experience.

As the author of the book WILL I MARRY ME? , founder of New Earth Teaching and Grandmaster within Reiki New Earth, Riri is an expert in the field.

Riri Starseed works as a conduit for heaven & earth, working as a Spirit Guide in human form, making it easier to connect with your guides and all the elements that are around us.

She is an expert at working in the multidimensional play area, which makes her the ideal portal for you to enlighten yourself with higher frequencies and multidimensional energy work.

Practical information:

☆ from 10h - 20h (Elaisa closes at 21h, you are welcome to stay till 21h) 

☆ Pilot price as its our first edition: €555 as a base to cover main costs - after the experience you can give an additional donation based on what you think it's worth and what you are able to carry. A small group means higher prices but also more individual time and depth. 

☆ min. 3 and max. 5 participants


☆ Guidance in English or Dutch 

☆ Full access to Elaisa Wellness center and use until 21h 

☆ Healthy lunch & diner a la carte  

☆ Water & tea during all meals  and water throughout the day 

☆ 1:1 depth talks with Riri Starseed 

☆ Surrounding yourself with other leaders 

☆ ISA Experience & activations (lightlanguage, breathwork, self  regulation / alignment tools and Reiki New Earth) 

☆ Private Hathor ritual 

☆ Access to Themascal ritual 

☆ Time to enjoy the wellness center in your own space 

☆ Blue lotus tea & other herbs to guide you through your journey 

☆ Bathrobe & towels  

☆ Guidance before and after the experience

What to bring with:

☆  Slippers


  • Reservation ticket

    This is the pilot ticket - the minimum energy exchange is €555 to cover most costs. This is an invitation to tune in on your energy exchange and give what you think it's worth, what you are able to carry or what you wish to respresent. You can give an extra donation afterwards as well.

    Betaal wat je wilt
    Btw: +21% BTW
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  • Pay over 3 months

    If you really feel the call, but you are not able to pay in full. You have the option to spread the energy exchange over 3 months. Notice: when choosing the payment plan, there will be added 10% each month as a service cost.

    Betaal wat je wilt
    Btw: +21% BTW
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