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C.onscious E.go O.wnership - the MASTER GAME

What if you could create your own game of life and shake things up?

C.onscious E.go O.wnership  - the MASTER GAME
C.onscious E.go O.wnership  - the MASTER GAME

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soon more information

soon more information

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It's time to PLAY a different game and own your conscious ego.

Are you ready to break through all familiar conditions and play the game you’ll make on the deepest level within you?

Are you ready to move outside the plan and throw all your fixed ideas away?

If you are ready to shake things up on the highest level and incorporate all the mysteries and magic with your conscious AND ego, then is this your call to play and trust.

Right now you're standing on the edge in between two choices ; go with the mainstream follow your money blocks, old belief system and put some extra stuck ingredient in the recipe for the world of boredom and not living your fullest potential or….. choose and trust the adventure and let your game unfold beyond every expectations.

This program you’re gonna play with Riri Starseed and twin frequency PLAYana

What happens when a twin frequency creates something for humanity? Exactly, double the playtime; double the frequency; double the growth; double EVERYTHING- along with a good sense of humor.

We are willing to give you something new, something where you can transform the play in a master game. This can be a shock to you. But we promise that the shock will transform into joy, playfulness and tremendous liberation.

This program is not a well-thought out business plan or a mainstream handout for growing your business. No; this game is juicy, confronting and challenges your belief system.

The only requirement for you is to have courage to trust and willing to go beyond normal. We are double sure that your C.E.O. archetypes is serving you big time in growing at the highest levels and inspiring others in a game-changing way.

What if we call up  the SPIRITUAL C.E.O. and discover spirituality can be everything and nothing, earthly and heavenly?

What if we heal the sexual misconceptions on top levels trough confront and admit to your own NAUGHTY C.E.O.?

How would the new world be if we claim the PLEASER C.E.O. that benefits you and the highest good?

How would you lead your company if love and the MONEY MAKER C.E.O. work together?

Which tremendous possibilities and wonders appear when you are allowed to lead as an SACRED UNION C.E.O.?

After 12 weeks playing in this collective game-field , where you can be your own creator AND fly with other creators, you have the ability to lead an authentic , unique life and be the first visionair that truly reflects on what nobody had the courage to do before.

You're able to live and lead from your heart. You are the Conscious and the Ego, you claim your unique Ownership.

Are you ready to become the C.E.O. of your life!


  • an online portal to go and play in depth with the activated archetypes
  • deep transmissions & activations
  • live days that will blow your mind & reality
  • community guidance from not only one but two fabulous frequency coaches 
  • and so much more

To integrate and anker everything we have created a safe play field for you to share your processes. Let's play and break up with all that is no longer serving our belief system.

Together with like-minded souls who are ready to create a new GAME!

The game of numbers

gambling with trust

You are not paying an amount of money, no you are choosing to step in the selected field of

numbers who are serving you and go beyond all money blocks and old beliefs. 

It is a activating portal chosen by divine source for a reason, trust an take this leap of faith. 


Note: if you prefer to hold your cards, we offer payment plans. 

Tip: if you feel the call, but feel the stretch is to far for now? We invite you to come and play with us through our other events. AND / OR choose to play the previous edition on your own terms. 


  • Cardholder: deposit payment

    this ticket gives you the opportunity to pay in payments. Together we personalize your plan. 3/5 needs to be payed before our live day at Elaisa.

    € 1.000,00
    Btw: btw inbegrepen
  • The Master Game

    this ticket is included the live play date on 9/05

    € 3.588,00
    Btw: btw inbegrepen


€ 0,00

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